Do you need to raise money for your school or organization? Our pies are great for a fundraiser! Call us to find out how we can work together:

About Our Fundraisers

Our pies are great for any season! Our Pot Pies can provide you with an easy dinner for a family of four, and or our Fruit Pies are perfect for holiday parties or to enjoy at home with your family. The pies make the perfect gift for any occasion. There is no risk involved with a Griggstown Fundraiser. We sell our pies at a wholesale cost to you, and you decide the retail price that fits your funding needs.

The pies are sold frozen, uncooked and come with cooking instructions to bake at home. During the Fall Season we offer 6 delicious fruit flavors to choose from: Apple, Apple Crumb, Blueberry, Peach, Cherry and Strawberry Rhubarb. For the Fall Season, we also offer Pumpkin, Pecan, and Sweet Potato.

We also provide 4 choices of Savory Pies: Chicken Pot Pies, Turkey Pot Pies, Vegetarian Pot Pies and Shepherd’s Pie. Our famous poultry pot pies are made with all-natural Griggstown Chicken or Turkey, 8 different kinds of vegetables, homemade gravy, and topped with our all-butter puff pastry. Plus, we offer a vegetarian pot pie which is made with an all vegetable stock gravy, 8 different kinds of vegetables and topped with our all-butter puff pastry. Now, for the beef lovers we are offering Shepherd’s Pie! Our Shepherd’s Pie are made with ground beef, veal stock gravy, a variety of vegetables and topped with our homemade mashed potatoes.

Download the three files below, and fill them out and email them to Call George at 908-359-5218 ext 6, and he will answer any questions you might have or assist in completing the Fundraising Contract, Order Form, or Customer Information Sheet.

Thank you for using Griggstown Farm for your fundraising needs.